Things you need to know

– Must bring current photo ID
– Must be 15+
– Unauthorised entry to the event (fence jumping, duplication of ticket etc etc) may result in a state-wide ban of up to 3 years and also handed over
to police where charges may be laid for trespassing.
– There is parking, drop off and pick up zones at event
– For accommodation please contact Rydges Mackay or Clarion Hotel. Buses will be running from Rydges Mackay Suites.
– No Refunds
– No Pass outs
– Drug Free event
– There will be food and drinks available for purchase at the event (Inc free water)


The following conditions apply; when purchasing a ticket for the event and when entering the event.

1. All of the conditions of entry listed below must be read in conjunction with the conditions shown on the Ticket and the conditions of entry, signage and statements displayed at the venue. Failure to adhere to any conditions of entry may result in refusal of entry to the event and/or removal from the event.

2. Children under the age of 15 are not permitted at the event. All patrons entering the event must have a valid ticket and all attendees must produce proof of age to gain entry to the event.

3. All persons attending the event must produce suitable identification and proof of age. No person will be admitted to the event without the appropriate identification and proof of age. No ID, no entry, no exceptions.

4. Persons attending the event under age 18 years old (Minors) It is recommended that all minors are accompanied by a responsible adult.

5. We play rain or shine.

6. Minors are not permitted to access licensed areas/bars on the event. Any minor caught attempting to gain illegal entry into these areas will be handed over to Police, or removed to a minor’s handling area for removal from the event.

7. Minors/adults who breach any condition of entry and/or break any laws at the event, hereby indemnify the venue and Promoter for any loss, fine or penalty,
whether or not the venue or Promoter was negligent or otherwise.

8. The Venue and Promoter shall not be held liable for any loss, injury or damages sustained entering the venues or within the event whether caused by negligence of the Promoter or venue or otherwise.

9. No bottles, cans, liquids, foods, weapons, lasers, fireworks, umbrellas, other prohibited items, illicit drugs and alcohol are permitted at the event. Prohibited items confiscated will not be returned and persons caught with illicit drugs and alcohol will be handed over to Police.

10. Small still cameras, including digital cameras are permitted at the event but no sound or video recorders will be allowed inside the event. This event may be filmed, it is a condition of entry that you agree that your image may be broadcast.

11. Ticket holders to the event may be refused entry or removed from the event for
the following reasons:

  • The ticket holder fails to comply with the conditions of entry for the event and/or
    conducts an illegal activity at the event.
  • The ticket holder fails to produce appropriate identification and/or proof of age
  • The ticket holder refuses to have their clothes, bags, possessions and containers
    searched at entry
  • The ticket holder attempts to gain entry to the event with illicit substances
  • The ticket holder is affected by the consumption of alcohol and/or drugs
  • The ticket holder participates in any illegal activity and/or aggressive dancing,
    moshing, stage diving and acts of intimidation

12. The Venue has a zero tolerance to drugs. Any person caught with illicit drugs
and substances will be handed to Police and you may face criminal charges.

13. Adult patrons attending the event who wish to consume alcohol will be wrist banded for access to licensed areas/bars. Anyone found to be supplying or
purchasing alcohol for a minor will be evicted from the event and possibly face criminal charges.

14. You may be subject to a pat down and bag search on entry to the event.

15. We may without prior written notice, invalidate any tickets that are reasonably believed to be in breach of these terms and conditions, no refund, replacement or compensation will be offered.

16. There are strictly NO PASS OUTS at all River Sessions events.

17. Line-up is subject to change without notice and varies in each city. Refunds will not be given for tickets in any case.

18. No animals are permitted on site (apart from authorised guide/companion dogs).

19. We will not take responsibility for cloaked items.

20. Any and all footage taken by patrons on camera, mobile phone or any recording device is subject to Copyright Laws. River Sessions and its artists give no
permission for filming, photographing or any recordings. Where used in any public medium without written authorisation from River Sessions, River Sessions may prosecute.